British Riding Clubs SEIB Novice Winter Championships Update

Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th April saw lots of our talented members heading off to Arena UK for the British Riding Clubs Novice Winter Championships! 🤩

We had Junior and Senior teams representing Solihull across both Dressage and Showjumping, which is an absolutely fantastic achievement by our superstar members – we’re very proud of you all! Everyone had to contend with some very windy weather, too – so well done for not getting blown away 🌪️😅

Well done to all the Solihull riders who represented us across the weekend ⬇️

🌟 Junior Dressage:
Eloise Starr, Sarra Chaudry, Lucie Munton and Millie Morgan

🌟 Junior 70cm Showjumping:
Elizabeth Badger-Smith, Lily Honnor and Pearl Berryman

🌟 Senior Dressage:
Samantha Hadley, Megan Bates, Victoria Wentworth and Connie Gould

🌟 Senior 80cm Showjumping:
Megan Bates, Evey Hadley, Lydia Joyce and Anna Honnor

🥉Huge congratulations to the Junior dressage team who managed a very impressive third place! Special individual mentions go to Millie Morgan who came 3rd, Sarra Chaudry who came 3rd, Eloise who came 6th and Connie Gould who came 7th in both of her prelim tests.

🤩 We’d also like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helps to run, organise and train our BRC Senior and Junior teams – Caroline Attenborrow, Katie Attenborrow, Jess Clemett, Lydia Joyce, Sally Baker, Jane Richmond and Jess Davenport, as well as our super sponsors Aspen Cooling Ltd and Stephen Hunt who help make these opportunities possible.

🤗 We’re always looking to welcome more riders to our BRC teams – if you’d like to join the fun, send us a DM or fill out our BRC form.

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