Craniosacral therapist discount for src members


I am a fully qualified Human Craniosacral Therapist based at clinics in both Earlswood and Leamington. I’m offering all SRC members a limited time 25% discount for all bookings taken in December 2021 (Use CODE SRC25)*

As riders we can spend a lot of time investing in our horses and not so much in ourselves when existing with busy lifestyles. But how much are we inhibiting our horse? Do you consider your pelvic alignment might be impeding on the action of your horses’ hind leg or the restriction in your shoulder is having down the rein on to the bit and subsequently on to the tongue that is connected back through your horses’ body, again restricting movement.

Whether you are looking to achieve better posture, alignment and balance to be more effective in the saddle or are dealing with current/historical injuries that are limiting your ability to get the most from your horse or your enjoyment, Craniosacral work can be highly beneficial.

Disturbances to our health whether from trauma (physical and emotional), accidents, illness or injury create disturbances in our Craniosacral System – indeed this is a real thing and yes we all have one.

By recognising and reintegrating the Craniosacral System we are restoring a balanced, healthy function to the body, all done by engaging with a light hands on touch. Without this therapy I’d probably be in a wheel chair with two large bolts in my neck, but feel free to ask me about my story when I meet you!

The treatment costs £45 (25% discount value) and treatment lasts 1 hour to 1 hour 15min.

* The appointment can be taken in December 2021 or by 31st January 2022

* Last minute cancellations will make your offer invalid

* Bookings made after 31st December 2021 will not be eligible for the 25% discount

I am based at TriWellness in Earlswood, Solihull (same place as Hungry Horse) every Tuesday and Saturday morning. I am looking to add additional days, so please contact me direct for appointment times.

I am also located in Leamington where appointment days/times can be more flexible. Please contact me directly to arrange.

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