SRC Launch Their Virtual Cross Country Course Walks

To all eventing enthusiasts, we present to you the first of the Solihull Riding Club Virtual Course Walks to be released before each event on our Youtube Channel.

We thought this would be a good idea to help those of you who can’t walk the course the day or night before, saves coming over to us or rushing around for the busier of you all! Of course we do recommend walking it if you have time or if there are any elements you need to look at further.

This may also help those of you who are coming into the world of eventing and want to see what the courses are like at SRC.

We will be doing this for every possible affiliated and unaffiliated one day event moving forward as something special to Solihull Riding Club for competitors.

Video – SRC Virtual Course Walk – 30th March 2014

Good luck to all competing on Sunday, we’d love to hear what you invest your prize money and SRC vouchers on!