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The Equestrian Venue Survey

Astrid, one of the members of staff at Solihull Riding Club, is in the final stages of competing her Masters in Business at Warwick Business School. As a Riding Club member who is passionate about the equestrian industry particularly Solihull Riding Club, is conducting an investigation and analysis in to an equestrian venue and their visitors for its future.

Participation in this survey will record your valued opinion, helping to develop a deeper understanding of those who visit the Club and other venues in the UK.

Completion of the survey will take no more than five to ten minutes. Please answer your questions honestly and accurately. This study is anonymous therefore no personal information will be captured. You will not be contacted further after completion.

To begin the survey, please select this secure link – The Equestrian Venue – A Survey
Alternatively, please copy and paste the following address in to your internet browser –

Thank you for your participation.